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Peace and Quiet


Welcome to Hello Sweetie!


You can use music here for fun and quirky youtube videos. All the music is free and I just ask you to credit: It is fine if your youtube channel is monetized.

Free download without registration

The music on the left is for free use, designed for your Youtube themed channels around family vlogs, kids activities, reviews, tutorials etc. All the tracks have been specifically designed to imply bright, inspiring events and happenings. ​Please let me know your channel name here, so I can tailor tracks around users in the future. By knowing which channels use my music content, I am able to protect copyright for myself and youtube users. At present, my music is only for youtube channels and anywhere where your videos are embedded, such as your blog or facebook page. It is not for use anywhere else other than youtube, as it is too difficult to keep track of copyright issues.​

For established, successful youtube channels, I have two unique packages. These are designed to work with you, the creator. They provide security from Content ID notices and enable supporters access to new and existing music they need for their channels.

A subscription gets you access to many other tracks and a wealth of personalization to your content., Themed genres suggested by Patreons with customization and different edits and versions  with the option to the file-share portal, a direct facility between you and me to send a share files for editing and production.

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